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Your Bones

  • Your Bones

Mess with me, I’ll turn my cheek
But threaten the pack I’ll bear my teeth
What’s mine is mine no trade no loans
I’ll feed my dog your rotting bones
Your flesh sustains his beating heart
And I smile through blood of you torn apart
Drips down my face, your blood my tears
My smile reflects your eyes of fear
So stay so far and you’ll survive
But touch what’s mine bloods lust will thrive

We long to show the world that these poor dogs thrown in kill shelters aren’t violent and evil like the media portrays, only scared and misunderstood. But the only evil is the false accusations and hateful speech of the media and of the ignorant people of the world towards them, taking their lives with each word spoken. Help us change that thought. Tell them you won’t back down. And show them that you’d die to protect the pack.