About Us

All I want, is to build my company into one that gives back.

See I don’t care about making a ton of money off of shirt sales or anything. I’m more excited about creating apparel that people can wear inside and outside of the gym, at the range, under their uniform, and just for everyday apparel. Clothing that I searched for years for myself. Almost everything I found was not at all my style, or the companies just became brands that wouldn’t make a shirt other than a logo tee. I wanted artwork! I wanted passion! So after being asked a few times to do something more with the poems I write, I decided, why not turn the poems into artwork? And I did just that. I created apparel that fit the tactical lifestyle in comfort and durability, while providing artwork that had MEANING behind it.

But how does that correlate into helping others? Well let me tell you. With every purchase from my store, you can be confident that a large portion of all profits goes straight into animal rescue. We donate to shelters, we foster and transfer dogs, we donate to people who’s animals are in need of emergency surgery, and we have plans to hopefully build our very own shelter one day, where we rescue aggressive pitbulls from local kill shelters and rehabilitate them, just like I did with my very own Sköll.

We also give back to local K-9 units, provide a better experience for competitive powerlifters, and raise awareness for service dogs, MWDs (Military Working Dogs), and handlers.

So when you purchase from us, know that not only are you getting dope apparel, know that you’re also helping the community.